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Not having a third hand on employee time clock and taking seconds from employees by forcing
them clock out right away for breaks and not letting them wait for the next minute which add up to millions in money
if a company been in service for 10 years or more that belong to the employee!

Indiana's constitutional prohibition against dual office holding forbids the holding of two lucrative offices simultaneously.

Plastic surgery, Special Effects makeup, and/or Prosthetic makeup to be a look alike of people for their wealth or crime.

False witness saying someone is looking at a certain spot, place and/or person as their is only one god that has that power to know our mind thinking thought and that is Jehovah, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.

People saying this is not what our forefather wanted today and still have on the government web site not to allow black or mulatto into their state
from the first state and/or federal constitution and stealing man sperm during so called drug urine screening, health urine science test, and/or public/private toilets and airplane toilets and selling them
to foreign nation where some non humanitarian citizen people are ban from going to that nation so they want see there stolen sperm kids.

Anti-natural plant, animal, fish, insect, whale mammal and earth cures groups, businesses and governments.

False witness close caption and sign language on what the person say on television, transcripts, radio, and
telephone and fast talking scamming people that trying to get over on the close caption and sign language person who
have to interpret every word out their mouth so they mess up.

1 Corinthians Chapter 14:27 If any man speak in an unknown tongue, let it be by two, or at the most by three, and that by course; and let one interpret. The bible only allow three people talk in any other language other than Hebrew.

Decompression Sickness

New words for lie is speculation, speculate, analysis.

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